Totally Ceramics & Pottery

Welcome to Totally Ceramics & Pottery

          To place an order, please email or or fax us at 604-574-4705... 


                          NEW WEB PAGE COMING SOON!

We will have a new webpage very shortly. Our current page was compromised and updating it has been extremely difficult to say the least.

                                                              In the near future our web page will have a new look.

                                     It will be set up for easy browsing and our catalog will be available for on-line shopping.

                                                    We will be adding more items to our on-line catalog as we go along.

                                                   We are very proud of our new look and can't wait to share it with you. 

                                             In the mean time, we are still open for business and hope to serve you soon!

                 Please note that prices and dates shown on our current webpage are outdated. Call us if you have any questions.



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