Totally Ceramics & Pottery

Welcome to Totally Ceramics & Pottery

Totally Ceramic is the result of Joanette's (Mom to most) innate sense of creativity - whether designing Halloween costumes or designer vases imaginative and creative. Joanette been involved in ceramics since 1972. She started as a hobbyist, then under the tutorage of Master Teacher Norma Matthews, she began teaching. Her own education expanded into the art of slip casting, proper firing techniques, and on to lace draping and porcelain reproduction dolls.

Joanette has several certificates and attended many seminars. She believes education never ends, that no matter how much you know, there is always more. When Norma retired, Joanette, with the backing of her husband Bruce, decided to open her own shop. The whole family pitched in, putting their individual talents and training into the set up. Being art oriented, Nadine (daughter) joined Mom right away, becoming a partner and driving force behind the company.

We opened our doors in May of 1994 as a Mayco Colors Distributor, greenware supplier and teaching studio. The first three years it was completely family run with Nadine's husband Alex as our midnight shift caster. Joanette concentrated on education - designing and teaching workshops and seminars, and hosting visiting teachers.

With the arrival of the Contemporary Studio came the demand for on hand bisque. It quickly became apparent we were running out of space. In 2005 one of the main local wholesalers closed their doors, giving us the opportunity to expand our product base. We acquired distributorships for Duncan Enterprises, Skutt CeramicProducts , and Kemper Tools. At this time we were very fortunate to have Bonnie Fensom join our staff. Bonnie had worked with these products for several years, and so brought her knowledge and reputation for top customer service over to us.

Now we had definitely outgrown our space, so Bruce decided it was time to purchase our own building. In 2006 we bought a new 8,500 sq ft unit in the Cloverdale area of Surrey, and moved in September of 2007. At a family meeting in 2008, we decided to expand into pottery. This decision brought us to Georgie's Ceramic & Clay Co., a new and exciting adventure! While the changing face of the industry has taken us in unexpected directions, our original ideals have not changed.