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Clay comes in many forms and colours depending on where it was mined, what it was combined with and how it was processed. It is divided into three categories: earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. Eathenware are all low-fire clays and generally bisqued at cone 04 (1940F).Low-fire glazes are fired to cone 06/05. Earthenware remains porous after firing and is less likely to warp than other clays, but has a shorter working time.

Stoneware can be either mid-range or high-fire depending on the clay. Stoneware vitrifies during firing making it strong and durable, an excellent choice for functional items. Mid-range stoneware bisques at cone 06- cone 04(1830F - 1920F) and glaze fire to cone 6(2232F). High-fire stoneware bisques at cone 06-04(1830F-2232F) but glaze fires to cone 10(2381F).

Porcelain can be either mid-range or high-fire as well. Porcelain is made from very white primary clays. It is harder to work with than the other clays, but it's translucency makes it unique and desirable. Mid-range porcelain is bisqued to cone 06- cone 04(1830F-1920F) and glaze fired to cone 6(2232F). High-fire porcelain is bisqued at cone 06-04(1830F-1920F) and glaze fired to cone 10(2381F). 

We carry clays in liquid (called slip), moist, and dry forms. Note *not all clays are available in all forms. 

Every clay and glaze has individual characteristics, always check labels for compatibility and optimum firing instrsuctions. 

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