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There are two distinct types of underglazes.

The first is an engobe (or slip) , a mixture of clay and color. The clay base makes this product opaque  and is the best option for all over coverage. After firing it remains matte and porous, apply glaze to seal. Because it is a clay base it shrinks and is best applied to greenware allowing the two clays to shrink and bond together.

The second type is a color only underglaze. This product is tranluscent and offers a wide variety of decorating options. It's high pigment content makes it ideal for design work either on greenware or bisque. It can be used directly on unfired engobes and glazes. (The glaze technique is called majolica) 

Firing ranges for underglazes vary from cone 06 to cone 10. Color changes can occur at higher temperatures, always check product information.



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