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Thursday Night Ceramics
Thursday Night Ceramics
This is an unstructed traditional ceramics class. Work on pieces you have chosen rather than on pre-selected forms.

 September 14 - November 15, November 23 - February 1, February 8 - April 12, April 19 - June 28

 Thursday nights: 7:00pm-10:00pm

World of Clay
World of Clay

These sessions are taught in a free-form manner allowing people of all levels to interact and inspire each other. Robert’s hands-on teaching method moves quickly through the basics to producing pieces uniquely your own.

Because pottery and ceramics is our business, we offer an almost endless variety of colour, product type and decorating options. There are no restrictions on the number or size of the pieces you produce.

Price includes one 25lb bag of clay, all firing and the use of classroom glazes. Open studio is free while registered in class.

 September 25 - November 27

 Tuesdays: 12:30pm-3:30pm

 Instructor: Robert Shiozaki

*17 Years old and over.
*Seating is limited.

About Us
Totally Ceramic is the result of Joanette's (Mom to most) innate sense of creativity - whether designing Halloween costumes or designer vases imaginative and creative. Joanette been involved in ceramics since 1972.
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