Equipment for Sale


1.Crane with 400lb electric lift. Used to Lift Raku Kiln .  $250.00 Cdn + Applicable Taxes

2. The EnviroVent 2  Brand New! $650.00

Product Description:

The EnviroVent 2 is a Downdraft Ventilation System designed to extract fumes from your electric kiln and vent them outdoors before they have a chance to enter the room. Because it is a DownDraft Ventilation System the EnviroVent 2 also improves the firing atmosphere in the kiln while it is protecting you from the odorous fumes that can be emitted from certain clay bodies and glazes when they are fired. Easily installed by mounting on the wall and venting the duct outside It’s that easy!

3. Skutt Pottery Wheel Cup Head with 12 and 16″ Molds Brand New! $170.00  Three left!
The Cup Head System was designed to allow you to make your own plaster bats. The black rings shown here are molds that you pour your plaster into to create the bats. The “cup” replaces the wheel head holding the bat. Plaster makes a great bat because it’s porous property allows the bottom of your pots to dry without having to flip them. Plaster is inexpensive so the overall cost of making your own bats with this system is very reasonable



4. Pottery Wheel Stools With Back $30.00   Without back $20


5. Kilns      Sold Out

6..  Various Pottery Wheels In Great condition.