Gloss Glazes

Coyote Gloss Glazes provide bold, bright, solid colors for your ware. Durable and not runny, these glazes are equally suited to both decorative and practical ware.  They combine great with other Coyote glazes, especially the Archie’s and Shino series.

Georgie’s stoneware glazes were developed for use in schools and by clay artists concerned with high quality, color selection, glaze fit and value. These glazes have a rich, creamy, touchable texture that wraps around and fit Georgie’s line of mid-range clays. They’re easy to use in brushing, pouring or dipping applications. These colors also produce dramatic effects when combined with Georgie’s GLW Sculptural cone 5-6 glazes. The clay body for the sample pieces is Georgies G-Mix 6, fired in oxidation to witness cone 6. Color will vary when fired over different clay bodies or in different firing atmospheres. These glazes are all food-safe.

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