Interactive Pigments

Every one of Georgie’s Interactive Pigments is a fresh catalyst for your creativity! Starting from their rich, warm earth tones, these pigments create different results with each new clay or glaze you use with them. Pat Horsley once said that “Nothing is the same, and everything matters.” Those words have never been more true than with Interactive Pigments!

  • Use them under your glazes for solid color coverage or design work.
  • Use them with wipe-back techniques for antiqued finishes to enhance texture, either alone or under a glaze.
  • Use them over raw glazes (dry but unfired) for majolica techniques at cone 6.
  • Use them with wax resist and multiple glazes for inlays and other design techniques.

No matter how you use them, you’ll get color (or texture, or both!) results new and different from what you’ve seen before with your glazes. Check out the Pigment Plates below for just a handful of the possibilities.

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