Matt & Satin Glazes

Coyote Matt glazes are a favorite series for sculptors everywhere. They provide a strong color tone and nice variety without a glossy finish. They are very stable and reliable, almost never running or behaving unexpectedly.

Coyote Satin glazes have a soft, opaque surface that feels smooth to the touch.  Durable, bright, and reliable, they are the perfect series for any functional potter seeking a contrast from more typical gloss glazes.  They are not runny, are easy to use, and look great with the Archie’s series.

Duncan True Matte 5 Glazes portray the color and durability you desire at mid-range (cone 5-6). The colors present a soft, porcelain finish and can be used on a variety of clays, each providing distinctive, modern effects.

Georgie’s  SATIN glazes are smooth and luscious plus two speckled colors for fun! All 12 colors can be mixed and layered to create new shades and tones. These are great mixed with our Interactive Pigment glazes. Like our gloss glazes, they are all food safe.