Sculptural / Textural Glazes

These glazes have remarkable versatility, and even better, they’re FUN! They are reactive and interactive with each other and with your clay body. Varied thick to thin applications produce different and special effects. With so many different combinations to try, we’ll be playing with them for years to come. We think you will be too. Each time we open the kiln, we find new “gifts from the kiln gods.”

As we continue developing our website, we will add photos of the most successful, interesting and dramatic color combinations. Download our glaze brochure, available at the bottom of this page, for a few suggested combinations.

All these glazes are nontoxic. However, not all are food-safe because some have dry or breaking surfaces after firing. We recommend bisque firing to cone 04, glaze firing to cone 6 at medium speed, and kiln ventilation for all firings.

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