Vortex Red Cone 06-1

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Vortex Red (CC553)

Named after the famous Oregon mystery spot, this clay was a bit of a mystery to get its list of attributes to perform as they should. Here are its characteristics:

  • Red terra cotta without the use of Red Art. We blended two different iron-bearing clays that offer great forming, plasticity, and color.
  • Color! Because color is a subset of the “no Red Art” condition, the color should also offer something different. The color in the unglazed and fired state is more “orange-red” than the “blue-red” of typical Red Art bodies.
  • It had to be very throwable, and YES, this is! Along with the blend of friendly iron-bearing clays, there is also a small percentage of fireclay. THe fireclay has more tooth to aid all the mix of fine particles. It’s not at all gritty, nor does it need additional grog. It’s well suited for wheelthrowing or handbuilding.
  • The trickiest part of all is to retain its red color -and- fit a no-lead glaze! Our choice of clear glaze for lowfire work is Duncan’s Pure Brilliance. This is the clearest and most bubble-inclusion-free glaze we have used. As with all clear glazes, it’s best applied thin. The fired color is a rich, distinct terra cotta red under clear glaze.

Weight 1.0000 kg